• RobocoxTV

    Rob Cox

    Robert "Robo"  is the Chief Executive Office (CEO) of Outfrag eSports. RobO has years of experience in the eSports world working with top tier teams through both Marketing Management, Advising, and Content Creation. Robert is an Active Duty Army Soldier with over 9 Years of Service, currently serving as an Army Recruiter while pursuing his Bachelor's Degree in Marketing with a focus in Sales. A Proud Father and Husband, Robert devotes much of his time to his family while always attempting to provide the best content and professionalism he can to the eSports Community....Read More

  • iiTz_Legacyyy

    Legacyyy is our organization journalist and photographer. With multiple college hours focusing on his passion for writing and photography, he fit the profile perfectly. He also has first hand knowledge of managing and overseeing daily routines and necessities of eSports organizations. He formally worked with vVv Gaming as their Call of Duty division manager as well as their CoD event photographer. When he's not gaming or streaming, he likes to focus on concert and car show photography, culinary arts and the clothing industry....Read More

  • Papabear

    Christian 'Papabear' is the Treasurer for OutFrag Esports, appointed to administer the financial assets and liabilities of the org. Papabear has 6 years experience in accounting and is currently working on finishing his Bachelor Degree in Business Marketing. Christian is also involved in our design team having experience working with vVv Gaming and interning with clothing apparel company Upper Playground. As a father and husband, he dedicates his free time with his passion for Esports. Having experience in Competitive Halo and Smite, Christian hopes to help brand OutFrag as the home for up and coming top tier teams....Read More

  • Big_Premier

    Chadd Cullum

    ...Read More