TopicHow to solve error message ‘HP Printer device setup failed’?

  • Sat 18th Aug 2018 - 11:20am

    After connecting the   HP Printer with your PC, the error message of ‘Device Setup failed’ or ‘Unknown device’ is visible on the screen after installation. This issue can arise due to many reasons like USB cable, malwares, and   viruses   etc.  So   as   to resolve   this   issue users   need to perform following troubleshooting steps:

     Reconnect the USB cable properly with your printer and PC

     Make sure the USB cable is not faulty or damaged

     Try   connecting   the   USB   cable   on   other   ports   like   if   you   are connecting it on the back side of the PC then try to connect it in the port given in front

     Reset your printer and then begin the installation of the printer

     Get help from technical representative via HP Printer customer support which stays put at all hours.

    Further Assistance Click Here:

    HP Printer Customer Care

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