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    Refractive error is a failure of the eye to correctly focus an image onto the retina. It makes the images come out looking blurred. Depth Perception is when you have the ability to determine the complete position of objects in that area. People with impaired depth perception might have difficulty distinguishing which of two objects is closer and there actual position. Double Vision is seeing two images when only one object is in front of you. This usually happens when only both eyes are open. This type of double vision is normally because the poor alignment of the eyes typically caused by weakness in one or more of the nerve muscles that control eye movements.

    Once you start getting older people most likely start having trouble seeing in low light, this sometimes is referred as night blindness. When experiencing night blindness it normally outcomes from a cataract, even though night blindness is a trait in certain forms of retinal deterioration, Organifi Green Juice such as retinitis pigmentosa. Some people experience bright flashes of light, flickering lights, or streaks of light, referred to flashing lights. This visual sensation more than likely results from shifting of the jellylike material that fills the back of the eye or less commonly from a detached retina or a migraine
    Some people experience something like a glare and halos around bright lights, especially when their driving at night. Such symptoms are more common in elders and in those who have had certain types of refractive surgery or who have certain types of cataracts. Glare and Halos can also occur in people whose pupils are widely dilated.
    Loss of vision is a complete or nearly complete lack of sight. People with loss of vision may see nothing whatsoever, or they may be able to make out light from dark and may even be able to detect blurred shapes. Loss of vision may take on part or all of the visual field of just one or both eyes and may be unexpected or steady, temporary or permanent. Loss of vision is something people normally notice immediately. However, gradually losing sight may not be noticed or discovered for a period over time, it may not be noticed until a car accident or other events that could
    Complete loss of vision may occur in one or both eyes. Common causes include blockage of the blood supply to the retina, diabetes, disorders that damage the optic nerve, glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, injuries, and, in certain areas of the world, infections

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