TopicSmall Steps to Prevent Heart Disease

  • Wed 18th Jan 2017 - 2:23pm

    It is in the marketing "prescription" or plan where this system falls apart. You can make it complex with long lists of duties (like ingredients), training and side effects which experts can manage but lay patients find difficult. Network marketing has never been about duplication of professional The 7 Steps to Health and Big Diet Lie experts, but rather the leverage of a professional message. A simple 3-Steps message is non-
    Top networkers sell the "liberated" lifestyle as much as the products. Unfortunately, when the dream doesn't materialize many people disassociate with the opportunity and industry. People hunker down with broken dreams and think something will happen, the government will provide or prayers will be answered. Sometimes, they may even be talked into trying a different medication instead can sometimes be the prime motivator to look for new directions - fear not to get sick..not to get broke. Fear can suck away your financial abundance if you let it. But don't wait until fear and hopelessness sets in because you can start preventative steps now. You already have all the skills you need.
    Remember, the example that people with MS who believed in hope with this new treatment so much that they put everything on the line for health freedom. They were willing to spend thousands of

    The condition of narrowed veins is called CCSVI and the procedure to open them is called the LIBERATION TREATMENT. Results in health improvement have been astounding. However, the problem from mainstream Health Boards, neurologists and MS Societies is there has to be more double-blinded studies and trials before this simple procedure could be offered here - as if,
    The result is that many patients have found whatever money necessary to travel to different countries where the procedure could be performed. Foreign clinics cost $10,000 or more versus a walk-in clinic cost of $1500 in Canada. The point is this. When people are faced with dramatic choices between health and disability, they do whatever it takes to reach a status of well-being
    What about people who are faced with serious financial concerns? What are their choices? What steps would they take for dignity, self fulfillment, time freedom, family support and long term

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