TopicRobo Introduction

  • Fri 4th Mar 2016 - 3:21am

    Name: Rob

    Age:  28

    Hobbies: Gaming, Gfx, Motorcycles, Tattoos, Photography

    GamerTags(Pc, Xbox, Ps4): XBX: RobocoxTV, Steam: RobocoxTV |

    Social Media Links: @RobocoxTV (Twitter, YouTube)

    Fun Fact: I was in the circus for a few years. 

    Tell us about yourself: I am a Father, Husband and Active Duty US ARMY Artillerymen (9 Years) Currently I am an Army Recruiter station in New York. I Have done 3 Tours Overseas (2x Iraq, and 1xAfghanistan) 

    Your Best Joke: Chuck Norris Can Slam A Revolving Door. 


    Check out the ol' YouTube >>

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