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  • Mon 8th May 2017 - 7:21am

    There's no better way to attend your wedding than in a luxury limousine. There will be no doubt Limo Advisor amongst your guests as to who is the center of attention on this special day when you arrive in a stretch limousine. After the ceremony you can take the limo to the reception hall where you can continue to party the night away. All your friends and family will be jealous that you got to ride in style, and not have to worry about having too many drinks, with the benefit of a chauffeur that you found using an Ajax airport limo service.

    Another reason to consider a limo rental would be to attend your senior prom. Imagine ten of your best friends having an amazing time in an Ajax airport limo as you celebrate your final dance of your high school years. You'll have such fond memorials of your senior prom as you look back at the pictures taken in the limo from that night. Another great reason for renting a limo service for your senior prom is that your parents won't have to worry about who is driving since there will be a driver provided with most Ajax airport limo services. Spending one of the most memorable nights in of your life with your best friends in a luxury limousine is a decision you will never regret.

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