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  • Thu 20th Apr 2017 - 6:37am

    Organifi Green Juice Review

    Another important factor when choosing the best protein powder for you is timing. There are certain times of the day that consuming a fast digesting protein such as whey is more ideal than a slow digesting protein such as casein; the opposite is also true depending on when you take your protein supplement. For instance, right after a hard workout the body is looking to use protein to rebuild muscle rapidly so choosing a whey protein would be ideal. But the body also needs protein at night and whey protein will not last the whole night; that is where casein comes into play. The slow digestion of casein will give your body a sustained release of protein throughout the whole night, giving your body the protein it needs to create muscle throughout the whole night.

    There comes a time for most people, where at the very least, once a year we feel the signs and symptoms of the common cold and/or the seasonal flu to knock on our door, so to speak... when such a time comes, you may either choose to head down the pharmaceutical road, or you may choose the 'el natural' route as discussed in this article. Either way, may your motto be: "I AM HEALTHY!"

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