TopicHow to Get Bigger Arms In Less Time

  • Sat 25th Mar 2017 - 12:24pm

    When the fitness boom started in the 1980's the industry did not know the specifics on exercising for fat-loss which they mistakenly called weight-loss and some still do. Weight-loss and fat-loss are different and should always be considered when lifting weights on a regular basis.It takes 50 calories a day to keep a pound of muscle on your body and it requires only 5 calories to maintain a pound of fat. This means that the more muscle you have the more calories you are going to need to maintain or increase the amount of muscle that you have.If you know your somatotype you will be able to plan your own workouts and nutrition that you will need to gain muscle. A tall and thin Ectomorph will not respond to the same diet and exercise program that an athletic Mesomorph will respond to.   The DIY Smart Saw

    This only comes from knowledge and knowing what your predominant somatotype is the basis for getting results on a long-term basis. Any resulting muscle gain that is achieved comes from the constant changing and adaptation to the current lean body mass that you have.There are many gym goers who follow a specific program and most of them fall into the trap of doing the same workout with the same weight every time they train. The result is obviously a training plateau when your body stops responding because you are no longer stressing yourself enough when you train.

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