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  • Sat 25th Mar 2017 - 8:19am

    I was certainly wrong as he soon shattered every concern that I had.At first, it seemed nothing was happening, but over time, I could see the weight coming off as the weeks turned into months and months into years. This is about his fifth year and he has reached a healthy weight of about 165 pounds considering his height The 2 Week Diet and still holding strong. We could almost wear the same size clothes now.And to the many out there, desiring to loose weight, my question is "What is your motivation for weight loss? What is it that will keep you in check when the temptation is to do that which you know is inimical to your weight loss goal, and everything in you says forget it? In my humble opinion, I think it would take something pretty compelling to keep your desire alive.

    For my cousin, it was the instinct to live.Whatever it is for you, it must be strong enough to "take captive", to borrow Apostle Paul's language, "every imagination, every thought contrary" to your weight loss goal and bring them under subject to that goal.Set-up: This is an aquatic species, so the enclosure needs to be mostly water. Your turtle will need a place to get out of the water and bask, such as a well-positioned rock or pile of rocks, or a turtle dock found at your local pet store. Use sand or gravel to cover the bottom of the tank and decorate under the water with aquatic plants or driftwood to keep your turtle feeling secure.

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