TopicThe Nutritional Aspects of the Caveman Diet

  • Fri 24th Mar 2017 - 9:59am

    The Shepherd's Diet

    There is much written about how The Caveman Diet is a great way to lose weight. This is definitely true as it contains mostly low calorie food choices. The fewer calories you eat, the more weight you will drop. However, there are other benefits to The Caveman Diet that extend beyond the realm of losing weight. It can greatly improve your health.
    No, such an assessment is not a stretch of the credibility of the diet. By following the food sources used by those that lived hundreds of thousands of years ago, you eliminate scores of problematic food choices that can seriously hinder your health and wellness. How so? Let's take a closer look.

    Probably the most valuable component of The Caveman Diet is the fact that it completely excludes foods that are processed and contain scores of additives and foreign elements. These added items may have been developed with good intentions - namely, they improve the shelf life of the food items and improve the taste in some cases through flavorings and sweeteners, they also have the potential to pack on excess weight as well as tax the human body in a variety of ways. Do you really want extra stress placed on the kidneys and liver? More than likely, you do not. That is why The Caveman Diet is so helpful. It avoids a host of problems that processed foods can deliver.
    Obesity is probably the most common reason behind a huge variety of adverse health conditions. Obesity leads to heart disease, strokes, diabetes, and many other problems that could be considered avoidable. Two of the most common food sources that lead to obesity are carbs and refined sugars. While all carbs are most definitely not eliminated in The Caveman Diet as fruits and vegetables are a staple of it, some of the fat producing carbs such as grains are removed from the equation. Grains include cereal, breads, and other items. Eliminating such foods reduced obesity potential significantly. And, of course, junk food containing refined sugars promoted obesity and spikes insulin levels. Removing them from the diet is most definitely advisable.

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