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  • Fri 24th Mar 2017 - 6:45am

    The Half Day Diet Review

    Most people hear about the need to have a healthy diet or nutrition plan and their eyes glaze over in despair. I personally prefer nutrition plan to diet but I also recognize that most people understand that deciding on the type of food you want to eat and in what quantity, is a diet. So for this article I will stick with turned diet just to enhance the ability for you to take some positive lessons and apply them to your food choices.

    The reason that you need to have a healthy diet is so that your body will acquire the nutrients that it needs to function at its highest and best level. Many foods people eat or consume on a daily basis are nutrient deficient or worse, they are nutrient hollow, bringing no value to your body. This gets you two problems with your daily eating habits. The first is that your body will seek to find the nutrients it needs to function and will continue to push you to consume food until it gets what it needs. You see the problem now, because you are eating food with no nutrient value the vicious circle continues.

    Another reason is for your overall health. There are many conditions that can be treated with a change in diet by eating healthier foods. Some conditions can also be prevented by consuming foods that are good for you both in nutrient value and reduced calorie. Just as the old saying goes a slight adjustment in food choices now can pay off huge dividends later with fewer health conditions acquired and in lower cost of health care for you and your family.

    An additional benefit to eating nutrient rich healthy foods is that they tend to be high in fiber and low in calorie count. We all know this is half of the formula to ensure a healthy body composition which means a greater potential for a healthy life. As we age we tend to gain weight, this is due in part to our bodys metabolic rate lowering. The food choices of yesterday may not be the same choices you will be able to make in the future so be aware of your body by taking a good hard look at occasionally just to see if you notice any changes like a little extra stomach where there used to not be.


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