TopicPay My Vacation

  • Sun 9th Oct 2016 - 2:50pm


    Important Review  Pay My Vacation by Jack James is a complete and utter Scam! Based upon ludicrous premises and with absolutely zero hard evidence to support claims of eye-watering daily profits, ‘Jack James’ is the only person who gets rich in this scenario *  The Pay My Vacation system is one of the most terribly designed and conceived scams we’ve seen for a while. Even by the standards of binary scam sites the backstory as to how the Pay My Vacation software came to light is absolutely ridiculous. However the scammers being this operation clearly hope that the many repetitive images of high-life luxury that litter their promo video will be enough to entice newbies and the desperate. As we shall see in this review of the Pay My Vacation software the entire set-up is clearly a total fabrication, designed to gobble up deposits to fund someone else’s no doubt very comfortable lifestyle. Nobody will make a dime using this software so whatever happens don’t be fooled!





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