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  • Thu 6th Aug 2020 - 7:23am

    "For it is written, 'I will destroy the wisdom of the wise; the intelligence Cosmic Spirit Animal of the intelligent I will frustrate'". I Cor 1: 19 NIV By the word mystery here, it means something that is difficult or impossible to understand or explain or simply secrecy. However, the Holy Spirit of god has helped in understanding it. The Bible says, "But God has revealed it to us by His Spirit. The Spirit searches all things, even the deep things of God. For who among men knows the thoughts of a man except the man's spirit within him. In the same way, no one knows the thought of God except the Spirit of God'. I Cor 2: 10 & 11 NIV

    God has helped me in this book to write some things that it is going to take anyone who read it the push to pray and search the mind of God to get the full meaning and complete interpretation of what is written or said in this book. In fact, no one can fathom the wisdom of God. Another important and promising verse in the scripture is that the intent of God for mankind now is that we know the 'manifold', that is, 'many but different', wisdom of God which He has purposed to accomplish through and in Christ Jesus.

    God is not keeping this any longer to Himself. He wants us to know them and exhibit the wisdom. Jesus, Himself, wouldn't but make the wisdom known to us and that was why he said he could no longer call us servants but friends because all he knew and had he had given to us. Thus, the term 'manifold wisdom' means 'the many but different qualities of being wise' as displayed by God.

    You will find yourself bouncing up and down in thoughts at times. There is no reason you should feel out of control. As though your mind were bobbing in the water, part of a physical existence is to learn to cope with it.

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