TopicQuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool – How to download and use ?

  • Wed 5th Aug 2020 - 7:18am

    Steps to Use the QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool

    Follow these steps to use QB install diagnostic tool:

    1. First, you have to open the QuickBooks Tool Hub.
    2. You need to choose the installation issues.
    3. You have to select the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool option. With this, let the tool run.
    4. Lastly, you need to restart your computer.

    Update Windows

    1. Initially, you need to review how to manually update section and update your version of Windows.
    2. You need to restart your PC.
    3. In case QuickBooks is showing any error, you need to open the company file.
    4. If the installation process is still incomplete, then you need to install the QuickBooks Desktop again.

    Manually fix Windows components

    If QuickBooks Install Tool and the updates didn’t work in resolving the software’s errors, then you have to repair Windows components manually.

    1. Firstly, you need to repair or reinstall Microsoft .NET Framework
    2. Next, you have to repair Microsoft MSXML .

    Use Selective Startup to Install QB Desktop

    The error may occur due to the third party apps like antispyware and antivirus threats. In such a case, you need to uninstall and then install QuickBooks in a selective startup mode.

    Steps to Fix Installation Errors Using QB Install Diagnostic Tool

    Follow these steps to solve installation errors with the help of QuickBooks Install Diagnostic tool:

    Diagnose Connection Tab

    The specific tab will help you to test your PC setup. It confirms that the company file can be used from your PC at the time of configuring for a single or multi-user mode. Firewall Status

    Firewall Status

    The network security device is designed to obligate the unauthorized access. Its users can take the needed action, as per the information.

    Test your Connectivity

    It gives you permission to check your system’s connectivity.

    Re-installation in a Selective Start-up mode

    You need to perform the installation in a selective mode

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