TopicLiving With Heart Centered Consciousness

  • Wed 5th Aug 2020 - 7:03am

    You have a realistic chance of being significant if you begin to do your part Money Manifestation Magnet  (the natural) and God does His part (super) in order for you to have a supernatural experience. There are many things promised in the Bible including promotion and greater works, but most do not experience those things because they think it is just going to happen by itself. You have a role to play.

    When the Lord Jesus said that signs and wonders would follow those that believe, I believe I was included in that number. Meaning that I will not only be followed by signs and wonders, that is the miraculous only, but I will be a living miracle myself, a sign and a wonder to my generation. Yes, a sign and a divine wonder is one who will tap into the seeds of greatness deposited in him by The Most High and unlock their potential in a manner that exudes divine ability and divine confidence.

    I am talking about one who likes Peter, the only disciple to walk on water even though the others could have; walks on what others sink in. There are a lot of people who may try to copy doing what you are doing, but they will sink" because they don't have what you have. I am talking about you being so blessed that the world has to take notice because of the volume of traded commerce you control or the influence you command in your specific designation.

    You are unlimited, unstoppable, elegant, exuberant, "going somewhere" person. They have to stop look and listen as the Lord raises you from the lower echelons of society to the blessed place of influence He predestined for you a long time ago. Do your part because you have a God that is more than willing.

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