TopicAdam and Eve - Antichrist Connection - Why Did Satan Declare War on All Mankind?

  • Mon 3rd Aug 2020 - 9:57am

    The Etheric body is composed of 'Etheric matter' and it is like a network which is permeated with Golden Money Manifestation Magnet  light from the higher planes of existence. In the etheric body there are all planes of existence from human, to emotional (astral) abstract thinking (Causal) even up to the Adi plane, which is the highest plane of existence within our solar system.

    It is also the web that protects a human from inadvertently accessing the inner worlds, which could have a detrimental affect on the person that is not prepared.In the lowest level, it is the ring-pass-not for average humanity. Refining the etheric body (and consequently the physical body), through meditation and spiritual pursuits, the inner worlds can be accessed, but only when the person is ready.

    The etheric body absorbs the prana (Sanskrit word meaning life force) which is all around us. We cannot see it, but this life force is what fuels our fire and gives us the energy to get on with life. It absorbs this life force from the sun, air, ground, water and slowly it permeates the physical body thus feeding all our organs, cells and blood with this 'energy fuel'. Today's science mainly attributes health to the physical body and its organs, and although these physical organs are absolutely essential for good health, it is the etheric body which feeds the physical body and not the other way around.

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