TopicPerfumes and Pheromones

  • Mon 3rd Oct 2016 - 8:34am

    A chemical that is secreted by an animal to influence the behavior of other animals in the same species is called pheromone. Hormone levels and behavior are affected by these chemicals. Pheromones functions in a similar way with humans.Pheromones studies on how can it affect a women's menstrual cycle and how one female can coordinate to another female's cycle through the undetected smell of these pheromones. In the study, sweats were collected in different times from women who were exposed to other women who are having their menstrual cycle.

    The result shows that the menstrual cycle on the study groups were affected depending on the time when the sweats were collected. The length of the menstrual cycle was affected by the pheromones. And the study shows that there are two pheromones that affects the menstrual length, one for shortening and the other for lengthening the period of the cycle.

    The male's armpit is also believed to secrete pheromones. Females Hard On Demand  who are in their menstrual period, when exposed to men's armpit sweat will have a normal cycle.
    Endocrine balance in females is affected by high cortisol levels that are present in adrostadienone, a substance that can be found in male sweat.
    Certain chemicals that are included in a girl's perfume can affect intimacy in the opposite sex. But there are studies which showed that the methods used were flawed.
    These pheromones or scent signals can cause attraction and help in finding a mate. Studies have supported this with a study between a heterosexual and homosexual male. Results show that the brain's response between the two is different when exposed to the stimulus.
    The homosexual men's response is the same as with a heterosexual female, and homosexual female response is the same with a heterosexual male. This further strengthens the belief that sexual arousal and sexual orientation is affected by pheromones.


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