TopicCompany Depend on the Internet to Survive

  • Mon 3rd Oct 2016 - 6:55am

    These are books you probably want to get. In addition, look for recommended survival books that talk about different survival topics. One book may be heavy on navigation techniques while another may be heavy on ways to start a fire or on identifying edible plants. What Surviving The Final Bubble you want to accumulate is a small number of quality survival books that provide you with good information on a variety of survival topics and techniques that will be useful to you. From these recommended survival book lists choose which books you want. Lastly, once you have purchased the books you want, take the time to not just read them but to actually study them. Studying them will help you absorb and retain the information they contain.

    An essential component of survival preparedness is knowing what has occurred historically. Is your area known for having massive floods? Are you living in an earthquake zone? Has your town or city been a target of terrorist attacks? Consider these factors when making your plan, they may immediately eliminate some choices or make others more favorable. Considering these can help adapt your Bug Out Plan to complement your strengths, mitigate your weaknesses, and give you a much higher chance of survival. Are you very fit? Great, you will be able to carry more survival supplies and plan a longer route.

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