TopicLetting Go of Emotional Traps and Addictions

  • Wed 28th Sep 2016 - 11:14am

    For example: My basic vision for my life is to have lots of freedom to do what I like; to travel and explore; to have money freely flowing to me in such an easy manner that it is effortless; be surrounded by interesting, vibrant, fun people; be madly in love with myself and my Manifestation Miracle Review partner, and live in a beautiful, peaceful home that I can entertain lots of guests in.

    Next I might break down each part of my life and create a vision specifically for that part. For example: My vision for money: Money flows easily to me. I always have enough to do anything that I may fancy. Money is never an issue. I gratefully pay my bills and appreciate the prosperity and abundance that is my life. I am able to provide for myself and my family, and generously share my abundance with my friends. Money comes from unexpected sources. It is not my job to figure out where it is going to flow from, I gratefully accept it.

    My job is to connect with this vision and imagine myself living it as often as possible. The more I can get into the feeling of my vision the better. I imagine how great it is to see something I want and buy it without a thought or concern, to plan that amazing trip to Mexico that I am going on, and what it feels like to have a constant stream of money flowing to me. The more I focus my attention on these things; I begin to see where they are happening in my life. The more I amplify the energy the more I begin to experience it, and see the manifestation of my vision in my life.

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