TopicSanitary Door Openers

  • Wed 28th Sep 2016 - 11:04am

    We all have to visit a public restroom at one time or another. Sometimes the restroom is equipped with one or more automatic, sensor-operated devices that can prevent cross-contamination. The final act that keeps contamination at bay is an exit via a sanitary door opener.

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    We can find automatic toilet flushers in many of the public restrooms, and we appreciate that we do not have to touch those flusher handles. The thought of handling toilet flushers after many other users can be a gross turn-off. Sensors take care of that for us. When facilities do not have them, people resort to using their foot to flush if they are that agile. Toilet tissue can be used to touch the handle too.

    Next we exit the stall door and that can add some germs to our hands. We wash our hands with or without automatic, sensor-operated soap dispensers and faucets. Twenty second handwashing can get rid of those microbes left behind by former users. We now have clean hands providing we don't have to turn off a faucet by hand. One trick to avoiding this particular contamination is to use a paper towel or wrist to turn off the faucet.


    That brings us to the issue of touchless, hands free towel dispensers. When this type of dispenser is available,we can rest assured that after we have washed our hands, avoided touching a faucet handle, and used a handsfree towel dispenser, we have truly prevented cross-contamination left by others. That is a good feeling. Now how do we exit? If there is a way to exit without touching a handle with the hands, then we are good to go.

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