Topic Issue of Drafts in Foreign Currency

  • Mon 1st Oct 2018 - 11:43am

    So, having discussed the prospective Forex Wealth Strategy advantages of a managed forex fund, what about the prospective pitfalls. The chief trouble is avoiding managed forex funds run by deceitful money managers. The world wide web has been a huge trouble with this, it offers managers with a face to hide behind, all they require is really a web page to get began these days.. Consequently, an investor needs to do thorough research into potential investments.. This includes carrying out an investigation on the forex trader, seeing performance statements, and verifying where the manager is operating, to ensure that he is real, and not a scammer.

    So what are the returns on managed forex funds? Well, this depends on the type of forex fund which is invested in, on the market conditions, the forex manager himself, along with a host of other factors. Most managed forex funds have a target return, which can vary hugely, and it will depend on the fund's strategy.

    Some funds take an extra conservative approach to trading, making use of pretty little leverage, and targeting lower returns, around 10% to 15% per annum. This may well not sound a great deal, but if they're not taking massive risks, then you don't take a risk to lose all or a great deal of you investment. Another alternative would be to choose a far more risky strategy, where the return could possibly be 60%, 70% or even more, per year. But You risk losing a lot as well! So you need to find out what your risk levels are, and discover a managed forex fund which matches those levels.


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