Topic How Can Thermal Energy Help You Save Energy

  • Fri 28th Sep 2018 - 10:55am

    Research and Data:

    From all around the country, data from Overunity Generator Guide government weatherization programs has been pouring in for years. Some counties will do 200 weatherization retrofit's per year and are keeping up that hectic pace so they can whittle down their 600 home waiting list. If your driving down a narrow residential street and you see a small box truck with writing on the side that says "County Weatherization", you know somebody is being issued a smaller power bill through energy efficiency retrofits. Stop and give them a pat-on-the-back, both the contractor and the homeowner.

    Some of this weatherization retrofit data has provided some surprising results. By analyzing the data, the true cost-effective retrofit has been identified and quantified. Some old beliefs as to what was saving energy had to be sent to the bottom of the list and some things had to be retrieved from the bottom and placed near the top.

    Household Energy Education:

    When household energy education was added to a weatherization program, the weatherization retrofits produced additional energy savings. Data indicated that the lifestyle of the household and their awareness of potential energy waste impacted the effectiveness of the energy saving measures.



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