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  • Fri 28th Sep 2018 - 7:17am

    Patsy finally deals with her emotions Neuro67 when her fatigue leads to serious mistakes
    The weight of Patsy's stress, unacknowledged emotions and distress made her chronically fatigued. It was so huge she buckled. The suppressed feelings overflowed into other areas, affecting her memory, clarity of thinking and ability to make sound judgments. Basically Patsy collapsed under the burden of undigested emotions. Alarm let her to therapy. She learned that feelings are normal and useful. She began to connect to all those experiences that had broken her heart. Her energy levels returned. As she found strength in expressing herself so her body regained it's strength and vigor. Patsy is learning to talk about her feelings as she experiences them with her family and friends. There is a feeling of lightness in her muscles and bones. She plays a round of golf every morning and is volunteering at her local preschool.

    How can reiki treatment actually be considered as a good alternative medication for bipolar disorder? Many people under such condition or who might know someone close to be having such would surely delve into this upon hearing that reiki can be a really good healing technique. First, let us try to look at bipolar disorder and see how it can actually be alleviated by reiki.



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