TopicHow to Shift the Direction of Your Life Through Imagery and Imagination

  • Tue 18th Sep 2018 - 12:59pm

    More recently, I have come to understand Neuro67 that forgiveness is mostly about forgiving myself - for not knowing, for not understanding. How are we supposed to know if we don't experience? The most important aspect of forgiveness, and the reason that it is such an important element in our wellbeing, is that by forgiving ourselves and other people, we give ourselves the opportunity to live life, as opposed to simply existing. In my new understanding of forgiveness, I understand that by forgiving someone for some harm that they have done to me, I am not forgiving their actions, but I am refusing to allow those actions to color and ruin enjoying and living the rest of my life.

    Often the person we need to forgive most is ourselves. As I mentioned before, we are often angry at ourselves for not knowing any better, or not having a greater understanding of a situation, of life in general, so that we would be able to avoid the hurt or hurtful events. No one can live by putting themselves into a bubble. It's not the way we thrive as humans. However, we can take the lessons, the compassion, the understanding we've gained from our experiences and use them to live a better life, and also to help others live their lives better.


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