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  • Mon 23rd Apr 2018 - 2:46am

    I just finished watching television, and after a series of commercials advertising the hundreds of millions of medications out there for us to buy, and the hundred of millions of conditions us human beings may be suffering from, I don't know if I should head over to the CVS pharmacy, mortgage my house, and buy everything from aisles 3 to 10, or simply just commit suicide. Furthermore, these commercials are filled with such jolly cartoon characters, or the deep voices of some of my favorite actors (damn you James Earl Jones, I am not going through depression), I'm about as sold on Mucinex as I am on a pair of NIKES advertised to me during the NBA playoffs.

    The one thing these commercials are successful in having me believe is that I am in fact, dying. There are many different ways to look at life. Rabbis and Priests and Imams and Tom Cruise all have advice on how to look at life. Me, I am a pessimist, and/or Jewish. My belief is that, ever since the day we are all born, we are on the path to dying, or have begun to die. For some, death may be a slow process, and this person shall live a nice, long, healthy one-hundred years or so. Others are not so fortunate. However, the one thing I have vowed not to do is live my life as though I am dying, even though science and my diminishing brain cells tell me otherwise. In simple terms, I want to live as though I am living.

    Let me first say that I believe the advancements in medical science have produced life-saving and/or life-altering medications that have enhanced the lives of most, if not all of us, and we should continue to fund scientific research and studies in the field of medical science. If prescribed by your doctor and taken appropriately, many of us have found various medications to help us get through the day, overcome ailments, and possibly eradicate a disease one may be suffering from. However, when economics become interwoven with health and wellness, my legs become, well, extremely restless. Let's stop and think about Restless Leg Syndrome. Does such a syndrome even exist? Does it exist if a little yellow cartoon character on TV tells me so? Is it a serious condition if I put Restless Leg Syndrome in all caps? And, if it is a real syndrome, can it not simply be cured by say, I don't know, getting off the damn couch and taking a, ready for this... walk? It is a fact that the pharmaceutical industry is a multi-billion dollar economic system in the United States, and the lobbyists that come with it are some of the most powerful in our country, second to maybe the one thing we are terribly addicted to: oil.

    Now, I am no expert in economics, but I am certain the pharmaceutical companies would like us to also be addicted to their pharmaceuticals. If we could Lexipro or Viagra in our cars instead of oil, than all the better. And this is Fungus Hack Review where a major problem in our society lies. Where is the line between the medications we need, and the medications we are being sold on and really can live without, that only serve to enable Pfizer and Merck to line their pockets? We need to figure this out, lest I get stressed and need another prescription for Xanax. Just turn on the TV, or check your spam folder in your email inbox, or flip through any magazine on the newsstand, and you will be told through various advertisements that you not only are "suffering" from restless leg syndrome, but a variety of allergies, toe-nail fungus, depression, repression, obsession, A.D.D., A.D. H.D., overactive bladder, irritable bowel syndrome, inflamed prostate, and erectile dysfunction, just to name a few. My questions, and maybe yours as well, are as follows: Which conditions are real and need to be treated with medication? Which conditions are real and do not require medication, but can be cured by leaving your house, exercising, walking in the park, or getting a girlfriend (erectile dysfunction, or are you just single)?

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