TopicHow To Save Energy Ay Home

  • Thu 8th Sep 2016 - 1:05pm

    Sky Power Generator

    When not engaged in activities that require the lights to be on, turn them off. Electricity may feel like a "clean" form of energy, but to generate it, power stations use up coal. Using electricity, therefore, involves consuming a non-renewable energy resource.

    Switch to energy-saving compact fluorescent lights, which use up much less electricity than traditional incandescent or tungsten bulbs to generate the same wattage of light. They also last many times longer than traditional lights, meaning less replacement.

    Energy-saving lights contain mercury, but the amount in each bulb is far less than the quantity of planet-damaging toxic products that go into making of a traditional lightbulb. A standard energy-saving bulb contain only 5mg of mercury (whereas your average mercury thermometer holds 3g).

    To dispose of used-up energy-saving bulbs safely, wrap them well in recycled paper before putting them into the trash, so the mercury won't seep into the ground and contaminate underground water sources. Some bulbs have their own leakage-preventing built-in sleeves.

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