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  • Fri 6th Oct 2017 - 6:15am

    One of the traits of sophisticated professional Blackjack Advantage Players is this: she knows how to Lose.

    1. She knows that she has the advantage but cannot be assured Lottery Dominator review  of winning every session. There will be days of losses, sometimes several days in a row.

    2. She knows to create a blackjack Bankroll from funds that she will not miss if she loses it all. It is not money that should be earmarked for rent, food, and other necessities of life.

    3. She knows not to commit a large percentage of her total Bankroll to any bet, or to any session. She will not commit more than 2% of her total bankroll to any bet - "the two percent rule".

    4. She knows not to bet more than what the remaining cards' current advantage holds for her - because she knows the True Count. If the True Count offers a 1 percent advantage, she will bet at most 1% of her bankroll. She knows that if she bets even 2x the expected advantage, she faces a deplorable Risk of Ruin.

    5. She sets a limit for how much she is prepared to lose for this session. It may be 30 units, 60 units, or 100 units. Whatever the amount, when that amount is reached, she exits the casino immediately, knowing she will come back another day and win it back eventually - because she plays a winning advantage game. These losses were part of her possible outcomes and are limited to what she has available in her bankroll.



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