TopicForex Trading Leverage - What You Have to Know

  • Thu 5th Oct 2017 - 9:35am

    There are two main strategies being adopted by many traders that may require various types of approaches. One of the most used is the non directional trading strategies, the other being the directional trading strategies. The SetForget Pattern Profit former, also called neutral strategies, is when traders do not take any net short or long positions and instead manages to match his positions wisely.Non directional trading strategies however are quite complex and may require pre-defined trading guidelines and rules as well as a very good automation. These types of strategies, e.g., pair trading strategies, arbitrage strategies, sector matching strategies, etc., are used by the so-called big players, the expert traders.The non directional trading strategies are ideal for the large scale trader that usually holds high position sizes. These strategies are of lower risk since it demands well-calculated diversifications. It also involves little or no emotions since there is less human interference when trades are made according to strategies that are pre-determined. With this type of strategies, traders are offered less trading risks whether they use innovative or traditional styles.


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