TopicHair Loss in Women - Understanding the Main Cause and Treatment

  • Wed 4th Oct 2017 - 6:20am

    You're not alone, if you're wondering what causes hair loss. Scientists, doctors and millions of men and women are interested in the subject. Studies indicate that half of all men are affected by some degree of male pattern Ultra FX10 baldness by the time they reach the age of 50. Female alopecia (hair loss) seems to be less common, but is enough of a problem that some dermatologists specialize in treating it.How much hair is lost varies from one person to the next, but in most cases, the condition worsens with time. Eventually, the head may become completely or mostly bald. As it gets close to that point, a lot of men simply pick up the razor and shave it off.Being a bald man is not a hard thing to do. Many bald men are considered attractive.Women have a hard time walking around with no hair. When women receive chemotherapy for cancer, wearing a wig has proven to be beneficial for the woman's self esteem. So, women may be very concerned about what causes hair loss, especially if they have had relatives that went bald.Genetics is believed to play a role, regardless of your sex. Scientists have identified several genes that may be involved.A hormone called dihydrotestosterone or DHT is known to play a role in male pattern baldness. DHT sensitivity combined with decreased production of estrogen may be one of the underlying factors in female post-menopausal baldness.In sensitive people, DHT can shrink the hair-producing follicles and eventually kill them. As the follicles shrink, the hairs produced are thinner and lighter in color. If the problem can be caught at that stage, when the follicles have shrunk, but are still producing, available treatments can be very effective.Assuming that DHT sensitivity is what causes hair loss, treatments designed to protect the follicles from the hormone or prevent the production of the hormone are expected to be most effective. Drugs that block DHT production are popular, but their safety is questionable. The drugs are known to cause birth defects and should not be used by or handled by pregnant women. Hormonal specialists recommend against the use of the drugs for male pattern baldness, because they have caused erectile dysfunction in a number of cases.


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