TopicStop Sitting and Strut Your Stuff on the Success Stage

  • Tue 3rd Oct 2017 - 7:40am

    Make hay while the sun shines" is the common statement we are all familiar with. It has almost become an anthem that is sung by all and sundry. One thing I have observed is that we all want to make The Pharaoh Code hay while the sun shines only as we are practically less concerned about its intricacies. This is because it is one thing to be willing to do whatever that is supposed to be done in a timely fashion and another is the long term objective behind the motive. Before you embark on a journey of decision making, it is very important you clearly identify the motives behind such decision.To make it straight, I shall emphasized on the word "focus". Yes! Focus is the key. Most people have lost their focus as a result of which their locus cannot be traced. Many people only see others that are as bold as lion taking steps and they blindly follow without taking into consideration, the vital aspect of its prerequisites. Such individual eventually end up without tangible results to show for his efforts. The sense I am trying to make here is that it is not the zeal to make hay while the sun shines as most people generally believe that matters, but the purpose and vision behind it. Very vital to this, is for you to properly take your time to analyze the condition at stake so as to give it the best approach.Every aspect of human life demands you exercise a little caution; for instance, many people that rushed into marriage today also rushed out of it simply because they never had focus and vision concerning what marriage entails. Such people only want to be seen making hay in the sun. While you make hay in the sun, it is expedient you keep your eyes open and be conscious of your environment. The fact that you took that timely decision does not mean that you should be satisfied with it. There are thousands of ways out there in which you can do it better. Also, improve on your knowledge today, because it is power.



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