TopicLearn How to Get Ripped Cheaply and Easily

  • Mon 25th Sep 2017 - 7:52am

    1. Professional Knowledge

    Let's face it, you're probably no expert on how muscles work and how to train them properly. A good program is done by a professional. This advantage lets you borrow from their years of knowledge and experience. This will shortcut you to your goals.

    2. Fool Proof Layout

    No more second guessing what you need to do when you get in the gym. Each day is Dumbbell Domination Review laid out for you. The only way to fail is to not do it.

    3. Complete Package

    It's a real hassle to put together a nutritional plan, a cardio plan, and a weight training plan. You can ask any PT. So imagine trying to do that yourself without the proper knowledge. You get the picture. A good program does all this for you.

    4. Tailored to Your Specific Goals

    There's a big difference from someone who's 250 lbs and wants to cut and someone who's 150lbs and wants to bulk up. A good program is tailored to a specific goal because you can't chase two rabbits at the same time. It should also be customizable to your body type, metabolism, etc. You can see why the magazine workouts don't usually work now...sorry.

    5. Long Enough For You To See Results

    It takes time to see significant growth in your muscles. A 4 week magazine workout just won't cut it. When did you ever sign up for a personal trainer for 4 weeks? A good program will guide you for months. As you learn more about your body, you'll be able to create your own when it's finished.


    Trying to build muscle without a program is like trying to drive across the country without a map. If you're like most, you get in the car and start driving and HOPE you get to your destination before your gas runs out. As you know, this is Unlikely. So it's time for a better strategy.

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