TopicExperience More Success Through Improved Creativity

  • Tue 19th Sep 2017 - 10:12am

    When you're cycling with little sight distance, all you can do is focus on the here and now. Keep pedaling, keep your eyes and ears peeled as much as possible for hazards and traffic and then go on faith. Know that you've Kabbalah Manifestation Secrets done all you can to be safe -- bright clothing, blinking lights, and choosing less traveled or roads with good shoulders. Then, let go. There is a lot of unknown when you can't see exactly where you're going. Yet, on this ride I knew the route by heart. I can tell you every bump and grate there is. It is embedded within me. I'm finding life is a lot like that - you don't ever really know what's up ahead. All you can do is plot a path that is in alignment with what is inside you and then go.

    I also learned there can be a lot of fun in doing something familiar but in a whole new way. Beginner's Mind rules once again. Because we couldn't really see all that well, I saw things I never saw before. Things right up close and personal that normally I would've missed as I looked out in the distance at the view. It is good to change your perspective especially on the familiar.

    Good people make even the most ridiculous circumstances more bearable and more fun. While I only knew one of the guys who showed up for the ride (he is a long time biking buddy of mine), the other two guys were equally open to just enjoying the ride for what it was. Everyone was willing to laugh at the silliness of it all -- after all we couldn't see and our clothes were stuck to us like spandex swimsuits because it was so humid it had the illusion of rain.

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