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    Once considered "wild," the Western United States has kept its penchant for adventure and natural wonder, while sprucing up with colorful cultural centers and marvels around every corner. You'll have to see for yourself how wild the crashing waves on the coast really are. Amble around American heritage sites and explore ancient ruins and stunning landscapes no one hesitates to call "Grand." Before you ride off into the sunset, add some of these popular destinations to your upcoming itinerary.

    When the mist rolling off the Pacific whispers your name, book flights to San Francisco. Walk the hilly streets lined with Queen Anne houses, visit the busy waterfront Embroiderer, or watch the next big idea take shape on the cusp of the Silicon Valley.

    Book flights to Los Angeles and follow the siren song of the silver screen to sunny LA. While you're visiting "the City of Angels," browse world-renowned museums like the Getty Center, for a gallivant through antiquity and the modern world.

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    Don't leave "the Golden State" without beachfront tacos in "America's Finest City." With fabulous flights to San Diego, you'll be on your way picturesque sunsets over the nearest pier and innovative craft beer at the nearest tasting room.

    The old adage, "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas," may not be as true as you think. Catch the next flights to Las Vegas and take home memories of hiking through Red Rock Canyon. Photographic evidence of your roulette rewards on the Strip make great souvenirs, too.

    Compared to the neon hues of Vegas, "the Mile-High City," is downright idyllic. Book flights to Denver and you'll be on your way to adventure— from scaling a mountain to touring the home of the Unsinkable Molly Brown, who lived to tell the tale of the Titanic.

    With over 400 airlines in our search, Travelocity makes it easy to book the best deals on airfare, so you can spend your time planning adventures as big as Half Dome.

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    Book A Flight To The East Coast

    From Maine all the way down to the Florida Keys, the East Coast is home to some of the United States' oldest historical sites and newest ideas. Visit the "City of Brotherly Love" in Philadelphia and seek your muse in Boston, "The City of Notions." Keep pace with fast-walking locals in New York and slow your pace down in the South, where time moves like the molasses you'll taste in Southern sweet potato pie. Check out these popular destinations on the East Coast and set your course for adventure.

    Book flights to Boston and walk in the footsteps of generations of revolutionaries, including Paul Revere, Benjamin Franklin, and Dorothy West. As you stroll along the Freedom Trail, stop for a concert at Boston Common— the oldest park in the U.S.

    With flights to New York, you'll be on your way to the bright lights of Broadway and Brooklyn's brilliant brunch scene. Browse the Metropolitan Museum of Art or spend your day traipsing through Central Park in search of the angel atop Bethesda Fountain.

    In Philadelphia, you might confuse the Liberty Bell with the dinner bell. Between trips to Independence Hall and Betsy Ross' house, take an appetizing tour of soft pretzels and the ingenious combination of fried chicken and doughnuts. All you need are flights to Philadelphia and a fork.

    "The District" looks lovely from the historic vantage point of Capitol Hill. And, you never know when you'll sit down next to a senator after an afternoon at the National Mall or the International Spy Museum, so catch the next flights to Washington, D.C.

    For an easygoing stop along the East Coast, book flights to Charlotte. Wash the world away with the gentle tides at Lake Norman, but don't be surprised by the sound of revving engines at the NASCAR Hall of Fame.

    Save for the journey on flights to top East Coast destinations with Travelocity. With 400 airlines worldwide, we make dipping your toes in the Atlantic even easier.

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    Cheap Airline Tickets To America's Midwest

    Be your own guide in "America's Heartland." Plan your next getaway to the mild-mannered states and stand-out cities of the American Midwest. Catch a fly ball from the bleachers at Chicago's Wrigley Field and float on gorgeous lakes in Minneapolis. Add these top Midwestern destinations to your next itinerary and take it all in against the backdrop of the country's riverside landscapes.

    Book flights to Chicago and spend an afternoon in Millennium Park trying to define the bean-like shape of the "Cloud Gate" sculpture. The thought might follow you to the Second City comedy club and to the top of Chi-town's Willis Tower.

    With flights to Columbus, you can travel the world in one city. Visit the vintage German Village for hearty bratwurst and charm by the pint. As street artists leave their masterpieces on the sidewalks, you'll feel nostalgic for the Mother Country, even if you haven't a German hair on your head.

    When you book flights to Detroit, you may find yourself traveling amongst fast cars and Motown melodies. When you aren't considering the masterpieces of Martha and the Vandellas at the Motown Museum, stroll along the peaceful Riverwalk- a lush oasis amid the chrome of "Motor City."

    To sip something historic, book flights to St. Louis and meet your next getaway at the breweries and ballpark. Experience a true St. Louis tradition sipping local libations while watching the Cardinals at Busch Stadium before turning down the tempo at Forest Park, site of the 1904 World's Fair.

    You don't need to travel to "The Big Apple" for several nights of world-class performing arts. The "Mini Apple" will more than suffice. Book flights to Minneapolis and plan a whirlwind expedition of drama and dance at top theaters, from the Guthrie to the Orpheum.

    With 400 airlines to search through, Travelocity will find you the best airfare to get right to the heart of the matter.

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    Booking Flights To The Southern United States

    When your bucket list includes donning a ten-gallon hat and wielding a wizarding wand- perhaps not at the same time — then it's time to visit the Southern United States. Each region holds its own charm, from the beaches of Florida, through Georgia's historic cities, and all the way to the boardwalks and barbecue joints of Texas. But before we get carried away on the comfort food, start building your itinerary from these top Southern destinations:

    Follow the sound of fiddles and the scent of brisket to "the Lone Star State." Catch one of the flights to Dallas and head straight to the Dallas Arboretum & Botanical Gardens— a bright and peaceful hideaway in the busy city.

    If you've ever contemplated the sheer size of the universe, you've probably spent quite a bit of time in Texas alone. To see more of this great state, book flights to Houston, sidled up to the beautiful Gulf Coast.

    Take Rhett Butler's words to heart and "Never pass up new experiences, they enrich the mind." With flights to Atlanta, you'll be on your way to new discoveries in one of the South's oldest cities. Visit the world of "Gone with the Wind" at the Margaret Mitchell House.

    You don't get much further south than Florida. To add a little high-flying adventure and childlike wonder to your next vacation, book flights to Orlando— the amusement park capital of the world— where you can bravely face all the rides on your wish list.

    If the beach is where you meet your best self, then start the transformation in Miami. This Latin-influenced city is always on the go, so when you aren't meditating on a towel at South Beach, spend the night swaying your hips to salsa music. All you need are flights to Miami.

    Craving pecan pie and warm hospitality? Book fabulous flights deals to the Southern states with Travelocity today.
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    Cheap Airfare on International Flights

    Some may call you a vagabond, but you prefer "globe-trotter." On second thought, "vagabond" works equally well. With so many paths take throughout the world, it can be quite the expedition just deciding where to travel next. From the banks of the River Thames in London to the Old Port of Montreal, these beloved international flight destinations are favorites among luxury travelers and nomads alike:

    If you believe proper afternoon tea is what distinguishes humans from wildlife, then flights to London ought to be in your future. Sip your favorites between mornings at Westminster Abbey and evenings in the West End.

    The saying goes, "When in Rome, do as the Romans." Book flights to Rome to stand among the rubble of the Roman Forum and walk each of the Spanish steps before settling in at a patio restaurant with spaghetti alla carbonara and a glass of soave.

    With flights to Paris, you can savor the journey with all your senses. Indulge your palate with rich French cuisine in street corner boulangeries, and satisfy your sweet tooth with intricate pastries as artistic as any painting you'll encounter in the famous Musée d'Orsay.

    Love the feeling of French and poutine on the tip of your tongue? Catch the next flights to Montreal, where you can eat your fill of Quebec's quintessential gravy fries. Spend a day the Biodôme de Montreal to mingle with flora and fauna from across the globe.

    When you can't get enough of the easygoing locals and lovely landscapes of Canada, book flights to Toronto and relax near the quiet waters of Lake Ontario. Float out to Centre Island for a picnic in the park before returning to the city for one of Toronto's famous festivals.

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