TopicBreak Your Limits!

  • Tue 12th Sep 2017 - 12:50pm

    Next, I wanted to turn in the draft for editing on Tuesday of each week to ensure I can sit with the edited version for a day, giving myself time to see how I feel about what I've written before the final draft. If I love it, I move Chakra Healing Energy Pendant Review forward and all is set for delivery. If not, I begin to feel a bit rushed while attempting to come up with new material and feeling pressured by time constraints.

    I noticed that I need to plan more topics in advance and create a process which includes preparing a final draft before Wednesday! What would happen if I got sick on Monday? What if I was still sick on Tuesday, felt better but had a client flying in from out of town on Wednesday? (It happens.)

    What would happen to the quality of the newsletter? I noticed that I need to plan in advance and create a process that includes preparing at least a month's worth of newsletter material in advance! This has been some of my six week old newsletter experience. Still learning!

    While all of this has been about my newsletter writing experience, there is a deeper point here; there are processes and habits that I engage in every single day in many different areas of my life. In the area of music I create track ideas, hum beats into my Blackberry, play my keyboard or guitar, edit or mix tracks, etc., every day. Every day!

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