TopicGuming Up Your Blood Sugar With Pyorrhea - Another Diabetic Speed Bump

  • Tue 12th Sep 2017 - 6:40am

    So you do not think it is possible? Well it is, if you do as I say. You can beat your type 2 diabetes by getting tough with your diet and exercising, it actually will work better than drugs. Here is the proof, in a small controlled three week study at UCLA; an average of six out of thirteen men with type 2 diabetes completed this study diabetes free. This group were all overweight and/or obese, they also finished with normal blood sugar levels, at the same ration six out of thirteen.

    Now the critical point here is that you must eat low fat foods, no refined Blood Balance Formula Review carbohydrates are allowed. And if you want to be successful there can be no pastries or things like brownies, they will not be tolerated. You may even be able to undo your heart damage that was already started by the earlier diabetes if you stick to this eating plan long term. Last year my brother had type 2 diabetes, the doctor was preparing to have him on insulin if he did not improve. I put him on a low glycemic diet and a strict exercise program. Three weeks later when he visited his doctor, the results were amazing. His blood sugar l and blood pressure levels have never been better, he is sixty six years old and feeling like a young lion, if it worked for him it will work for you. My brother's doctor actually thought my brother had been put on a medication and was preparing to have it stopped when my brother told his doctor there was no medication just a three week plan.

    Here is your plan for success to eliminating your type 2 diabetes; you should eat meals that are low in fat, allow twelve to fifteen per cent calories, be sure to moderate your protein intake allowing about fifteen to twenty five per cent and you can be high in carbohydrates at about sixty five to seventy per cent. And do not forget your exercise program; you should walk about forty five to sixty minutes every day. You do want to get rid of that type 2 diabetes, do you not? Well then do as you are told!


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