TopicSeduction Game - FAQ and Why You Can Learn a Lot About This

  • Thu 7th Sep 2017 - 11:58am

    Too often men don't take the lead or make decisions. Even more, they take a woman's protest or objection to something as a sign that HE is doing something WRONG. In actuality, the meaning is almost the exact opposite. (And by the way - why would you care if a woman thought you were doing something "wrong" in the first place? More on that some other time... ) When a woman objects, it's usually Love Commands Review because the man is doing something right, she's just not sure what she thinks or if she wants to play a long yet. Since most men - unbelievably so - don't understand how attraction works with women, she is usually surprised or temporarily stumped when a guy acts like a man. She has to test or object because she just doesn't know what else to do in that moment.

    So my solution: just tell her what to do. I'm not saying you should tell her, "Hey, take of your clothes and dance naked for me and my buddies" - but that's not a bad idea... And by the way, before we proceed - you must know that there are two main kinds of objections you'll get from a woman: Absolute and not-absolute. The best way to discern is this: If she says "NO!" or "STOP IT!" - those are "absolutes" and I think you know what situations those may come up in. Everything else is not absolute, and is just a trial balloon to weed out the weak men. Learn to spot and tell the difference. For example - if you say, "Hey, come with me to this party," she could answer in one of these two ways: "I don't know if I should..." Or "No." In the first case, that's a soft protest to test you, and you should just answer something like, "C'mon, let's go. It's gonna be fun." And start going

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