TopicWhy Solar? Why Now? Rebates Will Be Less in a Few Months!

  • Mon 4th Sep 2017 - 12:19pm

    Transportation: Carpool or take public transportation; ride your bike; reduce or combine car trips when possible. Think about how your purchasing choices impact transportation. If you buy local produce and other products, it decreases the environmental impact of transporting those goods to your home.
    Solar water heaters are becoming very common EZ Battery Recnoditioning across the U.S. Reports indicate that more people are turning to solar water heaters as the way to break into solar without breaking the bank. Many people that have true interest in solar as a way to replace their utility companies have a hard time understanding the economics of solar so often times starting small makes sen#1 on the list is our air. We all need to help reduce air pollution. Driving less is a very easy way we can all pitch in. Other things like reducing emissions from landfills, reducing waste, recycling, reducing energy usage and using alternative power sources all help.#2 on the list has to do with clean land. Bottom line is too much trash is a bad thing. Not only does it release contaminants that seep into the ground but who knows what real affect they have on all of us.#3 is what we drink the most of and that is obviously water. All of our bodies of water except are exposed to human contamination in one form of the other. Stop and think before you throw something in any body of water.#4 is that we need to conserve our natural resources. If it's a non-renewable resource stop and think before using it as they may be an alternative that could help preserve what is natural.#5 is the protection of animals whenever possible. Animals suffer because of human's lack of environmental awareness. Destroying where they live and what they eat will eventually destroy us as well.#6 is our own physical health. Simply by walking instead of driving we are helping to protect the environment and where we live. Eating more fruits and vegetables and less meat also helps.#7 is our own mindset and mental health. Even though we exercise our body we need to exercise our mind as well. Stop and think before doing something that is detrimental is the first step. Instead of doing something that has a negative impact do something with a d positive impact and protect the environment.#8 has to do with making the right choices that can also save you money. Subtle changes in your lifestyle like turning down the furnace a few degrees help to save you money and helps preserve our natural resources.#9 is the opposite of spending money it's saving money. Things like recycling might not make you rich but they are protecting our landfills and putting a few extra dollars in your pocket.

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