TopicThe Friendship Dilemma - How to Become Your Best Guy Friend's Girlfriend

  • Fri 1st Sep 2017 - 12:59pm

    Don't become a nag

    When you are trying to find out what your man is thinking, take care not to come across as a nagging female. Most emotionally reticent men will clam up even more if they feel they are being pushed into revealing their innermost feelings. The chances are he's only thinking about football anyway, or sex. Guys think about sex a LOT. Honestly, whatever he's thinking about, it's probably not that interesting so don't keep going on at him about it. He will totally lose interest in you if you start to nag.

    Don't dwell on it

    This is a bit like nagging, except in this instance you are having a huge row and you think he's holding out on you. If he doesn't want to tell you what he's thinking, don't push it. If you think he's keeping a terrible secret from you and you just Love Commands Review won't let it go until he tells you, the chances are that he will just walk away and your relationship will be over. You can't force someone to tell you what's on their mind. There is also the issue of trust. If you don't trust him, why are you with him?

    Be supportive

    This is how to get him to open up. Be yourself, the loving, kind girl he fell for in the first place. If you sense something is up, gently ask him if he's OK as he seems a little preoccupied. If he's ready to tell you what he's thinking at this point, he will. If not, leave it for now by saying that he can always tell you anything, you are always there for him and that you don't like to see him so down. You need to encourage him to come to you when he is ready and then be patient.

    If you think you have an idea of what's worrying him, you could try starting a conversation relating to that subject, with some unnamed friend of a friend being the person involved. For example, 'Did you hear about that friend of Lucy's cousin? He's worried sick about a mole on his back and he's having it tested. Poor guy. I hope he has someone to talk to'. This might be enough to get your man to open up to you about his own worries. Give it a try.

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