TopicPoker Image and the Art of Winning

  • Fri 1st Sep 2017 - 8:28am

    Texas Poker Strategy - Tells

    Poker tells are an important but not fundamental area of poker - to begin with. Also, with the advent of online poker tells are becoming less important. But in real life a tell may indicate something so it's worth knowing the basics.

    Texas Poker Strategy - Probability

    Probability is a very important area of poker. Although there are champions Tipping King Review who can't calculate probability to save their life, it really does help if you get to a solid intermediate level in this area.

    Texas Poker Strategy - Psychology

    Psychology is one of, if not the, most important area of poker. Poker is psychology practically. How you present your image, scare tactics, betting strategy, your mindset and success. A lot of things tie back to psychology.

    Now that you are reading this you are probably becoming more aware of all the different areas of poker that have an impact on your success. In fact, you may now be realizing that there are some areas you personally aren't 100% perfect on and this is probably a cause of any lack of success you may be experiencing right now. The good thing is there is a solution and it is within you.

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