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  • Tue 29th Aug 2017 - 10:38am

    For instance, if you searched for a keyword like "motor bike" the Lurn Summit  tool will show you available searches made over the last 30 days and other related searches to the keyword "motor bike". And you can also decide to check the exact searches made for that particular keyword

    3. To get a good understanding of how to find keywords for your niche market you also need to know how many competition your keyword has. One critical step adduced to many online failures is that many website owners just register any name without actually checking out the competitions on the keywords.

    The competition tells you how many web owners are competing with you on the keyword you are targeting. Targeting a keyword with so many competitions is not advisable and it might cost you arms and legs. That is, will be very difficult to get your web site visible on search engines if you decides to target the competitive keyword.

    4. To find keywords for your niche market and know if it will be profitable you have to check out how many advertisers are targeting the keywords. If you have advertisers below 5 targeting the keyword, it only tells you that the keyword might not be profitable. But where the advertisers are above 20 you can be sure that you will receive good response from those that are searching for the keyword.

    5. This last tip to find keyword for your niche market helps you to know how much you might be paid each time somebody made a click on the targeted keyword. if you have a keyword that generate over $1 as cost per click [CPC] then you can said to have a good keyword. But this does not mean to say that keywords that falls below this $1 figure is not good.

    These days to find keywords for your niche market could be done with professional help. Although doing it all by you could be tedious, boring and tiring but the good part of it all is that it can be outsourced. Right from using the keyword tool and checking the profitability of the keywords to checking the numbers of advertisers, you can get somebody to handle the task for you.
    Why build a list? This is a question you must address if you are getting into internet marketing? And the successful internet marketers will tell you, build your list. Then there are some other questions you may

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