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  • Tue 29th Aug 2017 - 10:29am

    The most basic units of the autonomic nervous system, the nerve cells transmit signals electrically within the cells but chemically when signals cross over a gap less than one millionth of an inch to another cell, thus resembling a sophisticated network of living 'wires' responsible for switching on and off the digestive system at the appropriate time.

    In the case of an average healthy person, autonomic Testo Boost X Review  nerves in his head increase the production of saliva as he masticates food during a pleasant dinner. Autonomic nerves in the abdomen increase the activity of the smooth muscle and glands in the stomach and intestines thus promoting peristalsis. After watching TV, this satisfied diner takes a shower, gets ready to hit the sack. While he uses the bathroom, the autonomic nerves in the pelvic region urge him to defecate.

    All the nerves actively involved during this relaxing period radiate from two locations: the base of the cranium and the large triangular sacrum bone between the hipbones. This is the 'rest and digest system' part of the autonomic nervous system called parasympathetic nerves.

    There is an exception to the generally relaxing role of the parasympathetic nerves. When a person has the fright of his life, parasympathetic nerves could stimulate his gut to defecate on-the-spot creating the 'scared' effect.


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