Topic5 Powerful Mind Success Strategies

  • Mon 28th Aug 2017 - 9:19am

    Finally before releasing someone to go make you a perfect red velvet cake, have them describe to you how they plan to do it. This step is critical and it makes sure two things happened; first they received the message and second they have a plan for accomplishing the task that works for your expectations.

    Now it's time to turn them loose and let them get the job done. I'll give you a couple of examples of how things can go awry from not being as detailed as you could be. Last summer I asked my landscaper to clean Reality Bending Secrets up the yard and trim away all the dead foliage from the winter cold. We walked the entire property and went over just about every plant. The part I skipped was the budget. He saw this is an excellent opportunity to keep his guys busy for a week and brought in everyone. My yard looked great but my wallet got really thin. I had failed to communicate something that was critical and important to me as part of the project, the budget. He did exactly what he understood I wanted done just at three times the price I expected.

    In another case, I was extremely detailed with an employee. We walked the project together, reviewed the plans and discussed all of the options. What I failed to do was have him walk me through how he was going to approach the project. I turned him loose and came back three days later to find the house looking like a giant Swiss cheese round. What I wanted was very gentle and careful drilling using six-foot and 12 foot long drill bits down the walls. Instead he knew the wire had to get down the wall so he cut several large holes throughout the house to make it easy on himself. He did accomplish exactly what I asked him to do, just not in the way that I expected it to be done. What was implied to me, was not to him and that failure is on my shoulders because I never asked him how he was going to approach it, nor was I clear that our motto, "make it easy" meant for the customer, not for us.


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