TopicOnline Horse Racing Tipsters - How to Pick a Good Tipster

  • Sat 26th Aug 2017 - 10:15am

    Problem is how do you know you are going to follow a good tipster. Well there is no guarantee that the person you choose will be any good. You are just going to have to try a few out.

    But if you follow these simple guidelines when deciding who to follow Machine Gun Lays  then you will at least make sure that any decisions you make will be based on a solid foundation.

    You should only look at tipsters who meeting the following criteria:

    1. They have been involved in horse racing in some way in their professional life.

    2. They are giving out genuine bets which are more than just a favourite on one race which can be found in any daily newspaper.

    3. The tips are fun and educational. Horse racing should be fun above all else and the commentary should explain why certain bets are made so you can improve as a punter if that is what you want.

    4. The tips being provided need to be free. If a tipster is asking you to pay then forget about it unless he can really prove he can deliver the results.
    It's always hard to know who to trust when you surf the web. When you sign up for a service there is always a huge leap of faith on your part that you are not being conned.

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