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  • Wed 9th Aug 2017 - 6:05am

      Copy My CashFlow

    They don't want to buy your products online, but they do need to find out what you have for sale, what your phone number is, where you are located, or what hours you have for your store. If you are not online to take care of these customers, you can assure some of your competitors will be there waiting to greet them. Many consumers are in a rush, so they want to use the company that gives them the details they need at the exact time they need it without them leaving their homes.

    While online marketing is valuable, you do not have to limit yourself to those marketing ideas. Yet, a portion of your marketing plan should be based online since there are so many local shoppers online looking for information. You need your virtual presence to meet the needs of those customers.

    It is not as simplistic as taking out an ad in a local paper anymore, since so many consumers are making decisions on purchases and investments through the Internet. They are switching to online shopping to find consumer and professional reviews of businesses in their local communities, so they choose the most reliable business to give their money to in the end. If you encourage your customers to leave reviews online in some manner, those reviews can become a valuable advertising tool for your business.

    You do not have to reassign most of your marketing budget to establish a reputable online presence. If you are willing to dedicate some time, you can do a lot of the online marketing work yourself. Social marketing is an easy place to start.Think of online promotions as an opportunity to officially mark yourself the best in your field in your local community. You have to acknowledge that there are more potential customers out there in your local region, but you have to get online to find them.



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