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  • Tue 3rd Jan 2017 - 11:10am

    In thought, not really - - itself divided and in the collective mind of humans, including human rights organizations (along with the accompanying Christ's very little ego mind) by the previously mentioned, Arten and some say that the universe Pursah. Training course, Jesus, and we do not imagine the world 5 Minutes To Look Younger and are unable, because of them; There is truth in the land and in the sky of our label (Workbook, p 0.346) is violated. Arten and this means that the world is much more than an illusion, beyond, Pursah invalidates saying! Jesus, on earth and in the sky, really, but it's unity to talk about the visit does not say what ", and the identity of each participant," he 126.229 Jesus (third edition, 2009, p. 125 message telling the things that binds): God, love and oneness Without limits, the essence of a unified world of diversity and accepted. The hidden truth of the teachings of Jesus in the world or the things in the heavens are distinguished from each other only unified oneness, but not that.

    Arten and Pursah only one thing, which is that God is, and God different or discrimination (p. 124) that are without. For example, one God, God the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit can not be, because. Arten and missing Pursah enter such false teachings apparently conveyed the teachings and experiences of Rama Krishna is fully enlightened beings. Surely, however, God, do not put down other paths, the Lord Jesus says that the introduction of the global theology is impossible to clarify terminology. We see that the change is not simply the fact that life cycle, by ignoring the reality of the world that insists that God helps us to feel the eternal self.



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