TopicForm and Non-Form - Awareness Can't Be Seen, Smaller Than an Electron, it Contains Galaxies

  • Mon 3rd Aug 2020 - 8:29am

    Cosmic Spirit Animal  The diversity created in nature and the human experience is immense. The incredible diversity of the world is reflection of the continuing evolution of the species. Quantum physics tell us that energy is the true nature of matter. Energy is transformed into the world of form by an organizing intelligence within each object. This process is the basis for energy being transformed into the objects you see in the world. It happens so fast and seamless that your senses see it all as one experience.

    All matter is an unbroken flow of energy that your senses interact with to produce your experience of the world. In physics, a unified field theory allows all of the fundamental forces of energy such as attraction and repulsion to be expressed in terms of a single event. Out of many conflicting events, one experience is expressed. The theory is the recognition that the essential nature of all matter is energy waves. Any object of form is an organized energy field that is perceived by your senses as a solid object. The vibrations of the energy of that form create the density of the object. Non-living objects are denser and more resistant to change than living things which have a higher vibration and are subject to change more easily. Living things such as plants, animals and humans are also composed of organized energy and they have a consciousness that governs their birth, growth and death.

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