TopicPreventing Mosquito Bites

  • Mon 3rd Aug 2020 - 7:00am

    The Doctor’s Book of Survival Home Remedies  Several evenings ago I sat down at the computer to compose some fresh articles for my website when out of nowhere I was bite by not just one mosquito but two. These twin blood suckers must have come into the house as I opened my back door to see what was going on in the yard. By now I would have thought we would no longer be bothered by these pesky nuisances but alas they are apparently still around.

    It took me several hours before I finally got over their hunger bites and I was determined that in the event it happened again I would be prepared for it. I searched the internet and discovered several feasible remedies which could be potentially useful for bites such as these. First off let me say that the old saying you can run but you can not hide is pretty much true when it comes to mosquitoes, since the big attraction for them is the carbon dioxide which is generated from your breathing. If you are a female you may wish to forgo those fancy smelling perfumes as the mosquitoes are quite fond of them while after shave lotions and colognes are sure to be a cause of mosquito bites in men. Any sort of odor whether it is sweat or body odor will attract them rather quickly.

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