TopicLong Distance Evangelism

  • Fri 31st Jul 2020 - 5:30am

    I'VE HAD TWO FRIENDS NOW who've sought my help regarding what to say when witnessing as to the glory and purpose of God to non-Christian friends overseas and I must admit I struggled to know what to advise them. The old 'be God in skin to them' doesn't work so well from thousands of miles away when there are only wires or technology connecting us. I must admit my ignorance in that regard. So just how do we help those to recognise God's hand in their lives?

    Well, the above question is a good starting point. It's a point of self-recognition that has to occur in them before the Holy Spirit can actually work--the vessel must be willing.Many people will become more curious about God when they're suffering; they'll want to know how God can allow these things; 'Why them?'

    These are not easy questions to answer and not having an answer is more credible than rolling out a platitudinous cliché. (Even Bible verses used inappropriately are cliché.) It would be better to gently assist the awakening of their awareness, for without their awareness, the whole "mission" is doomed for failure.

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