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  • Wed 29th Jul 2020 - 6:07am

    Immunity 911  Keep your recommendations to the team conservative. Imagine yourself on the witness stand in a trial... "Yes, I did recommend that Mr. Smith who is now deathly ill and suing me... I did recommend that he bypass that immunization." You should reasonably discuss various vaccinations in light of probable need, expense and possible side effects. But, it is probably best to let most of those discussions happen with a team member's doctor. They have malpractice insurance and know a whole lot more about it than you do.

    Keep in mind that vaccinations and medication are only two potential means of risk mitigation.Immunity 911  Plan to educate your team members on diseases they may potentially contract and how to avoid doing so when possible. Educate people in malaria prone areas about evening mosquito bites and taking their medication upon return to the U.S. Make sure to discuss water-born disease and how to avoid washed fresh vegetables. Having someone with medical knowledge discuss this with your team can be very helpful. Otherwise, take a few hours to educate yourself on the risks endemic to the destination of your team.

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