TopicYou Can Still Ascend the Impossible Height

  • Tue 28th Jul 2020 - 7:27am

    I am often depressed because of the situation. I find it difficult to focalize on others and minister to Your children as I should inasmuch as my mind is always employed by the financial obligations which I uniformly contend to fulfill. I should be bless You every age for the beautiful genealogy You have given me: a grizel and three children. I should be bless You for the gift of faith and all the charm You bestowed upon me. I delight You, Father. Help me to kindness You more. Help solve my financial proposition once and for all. Please do not disesteem my suit, heed and answer me. It’s more for my lineage; my children; their educations and necessarily. I destitution little for myself. Return to 7 Daily Prayers to Get You Through The Week

    The Love of God for his people is so genuine and true. He is a forgiving God. He turns away his anger when we return to him with repentance. His love is constant and never changing. It the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. This tells us that there is nothing you can ever do to earn that love. It should also make you face life with a better perception.

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